Links to Greg’s writings

Greg’s writings:

Greg Curry Speaks on his upcoming transfer and his legal fund (2017)

GregCurry-Repression-BreedsResistance-zine2014, Zine about Greg’s story, by Greg and Lucasville Amnesty (2014)

Interview with Greg Curry in SF Bay View (April, 2013)

All the entries by or about Greg on the Lucasville Amnesty site.

Greg Curry on the Denver ABC Political Prisoners Page

Parts of Greg’s trial transcripts on the Lucasville Amnesty site.

A letter from Greg Curry in: Workshop Recap: Lucasville Uprising, Aug 24, 2011

Lucasville Uprising Prisoner Fights Back
In: Workers World, May 13, 2010

1993 The Aftermath: Interview with Greg Curry by Kunta Kenyatta (2006)

Greg Curry: In My Own Words (Feb. 3rd 2006)