Greg Curry announces upcoming Transfer and Fundraiser

Greg recently sent us a video, recorded via Jpay, in which he announces our upcoming Fundraiser for his case of innocence. It is high time we found a dedicated lawyer, whom we have to pay, who is willing to fight for Greg, in order to overturn the wrongful conviction in the courts.

The Lucasville prison riot (or uprising or disturbance) of 1993 resulted not only in the death of prisoners and staff, but also in false arrests, indictions, and the use by the prosecution of state snitches, used to convict 5 people to death (the spokespeople who tried to intervene, not the actual people who did the killings!!) and at least 4 received a life sentence. One of them is Greg Curry, who at the time was not involved with any of the riots, but a snitch was instructed to get a conviction on Greg.

It is high time that these false convictions are overturned!! Let’s do it.



Greg Curry, November 12th, 2017:

Hello there everyone, this is my website that has supported me over the years.

It looks like this time is coming to an end: I’ll be transferred to a different prison.

So I just want to say thank you all for your support, and I’m gonna need yoru continued support as we build this legal defense fund, and the details of that is coming soon.

Thank you. Solidarity with all of you struggling for freedom and justice.

Freedom First!


Greg: Join the Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March!

Amend The 13th Logo

Amend The 13th Logo

Greg Curry asks us all in this Soundcloud recording to join the Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March, that takes place on August 19th, 2017, in Washington, DC and in several locations around the country. If you cannot get to one of these, you can go to the Virtual March website.

Greg is a member of the Amend The 13th: Abolish Legal Slavery in Amerika Movement.

For more information about the Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March, please visit iamweubuntu.com, but do not forget to return to Greg’s site!